Virus and Malware Removal

Valkyrie Technologies provides Information Technology related services to businesses and individuals. Located in the Boca Raton, FL area, and opened for operation in February 2012. This section is by itself since it accounts for approximately 40% of all software issues. Removal of Viruses/Malware is a pretty simple explanation, so here are tips to avoid getting them in the first place:

The best way to prevent viruses is not with a good anti-virus. Anti-virus software is a reactive approach, in other words, a virus has to be identified by software engineers at whatever company's antivirus software you have before a definition is released. Your computer then takes these definitions and references them with files on your computer to check for viruses. The amount of time between a recent virus and you getting the definition is lagged. Hence, the reactive approach. Therefore, the best way is a proactive approach. That is, being informed and watching your online habits.

Online Behavior:

  • Websites: If you are unsure, playing it safe is the best bet. Especially if it is asking you to install something when you weren't expecting it.

  • E-Mail: Do not trust any attachments from people you do not know, and be careful with the attachments from people you do know. Be especially wary if you were not expecting an email with attachments.

  • Pop-up Windows: Some pop-ups that look convincing may invite you to a free scan of your system. Try not to click on it, and instead try closing it by utilizing Windows Task Manager.

  • Other Software: Some software like to bundle together. When installing software, make sure you read the boxes and uncheck anything you do not want installed.

  • File-sharing Services: Especially in the illegal file sharing world, it is easy for malware to be attached to anything you download without your knowledge.

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